Navigating SEO can be a tricky job for businesses, particularly if there isn’t the resource in-house to focus on digital marketing full-time.

We support organisations of all shapes, types and sizes to grow their organic digital presence, increase their 搜索排名, and to ensure their online exposure to both potential and existing clients within their target audience.

SEO 中的一个常见方面是重复内容问题。但为什么重复的内容对 SEO 不利,为什么?请继续阅读以了解更多信息,并确保您正在制作有价值的内容并以最佳方式管理您的在线内容。



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the process of making sure that the content on a website is as apparent and clear as can be so that the automated 算法s behind search engine rankings know what the site is about, who it’s for, and what purpose it serves.

This, along with several UX(用户体验) metrics such as fast 加载速度, good accessibility, 移动响应能力, web design elements and allow search engines to identify the best possible results for users when they make a search query through.

SEO is usually considered to be the optimisation of websites and web pages specifically for Google, as this is the market leader in the space. In most of the world, Google holds a 90%+ market share of online searches completed, although there are geographical variations that businesses will need to be aware if they’re targeting audiences in locations other than the western world.


重复内容问题可以被认为是出现在多个在线 URL 中的任何相同内容。这可能是由于机器人或其他网站将内容复制并粘贴到他们自己的域中,或者来自发布重复内容或重复页面的公司。这适用于书面内容,不一定适用于可共享的内容,例如视频、照片或信息图表。


Google instead indicates that duplicate content refers to “substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content in the same language or are appreciably similar”. There are no specific limits or word counts given to the definition of ‘substantive’ in this case and so it could be anything from a product description paragraph to a lengthy article.


Technically, Google doesn’t penalise a site for producing content that is duplicate within its own domain, saying: “Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results. If your site suffers from duplicate content issues, and you don’t follow the advice listed in this document, we do a good job of choosing a version of the content to show in our search results.”.

However, this doesn’t stop internal or external duplicate content issues being bad for SEO. Where duplicate content exists – particularly where it is spread across more than one domain – the search engines 算法 must judge which is the original and which is the most relevant to appear in each search engines results or 搜索排名 – which is an automated process and may not necessarily decide in the original website’s favour.

If a site duplicating content from another is an older domain, has more backlinks to notate authenticity, hosts other content more relevant to the topic or has a higher DA (Domain Authority) than the original, the search engine’s 算法 may decide to feature that same content above other results.


Duplicate content is bad for SEO


一般来说,内部重复内容导致它对 SEO 不利的问题是它会混淆搜索引擎。这是由于两个主要问题:

  • Search engines will usually only show one version of content where the same content appears online more than once, and so it must differentiate between multiple versions.
  • Duplicate content dilutes link equity as other websites also must choose between which version of a duplicate content to link to. This can affect the number of inbound links to the original source of the content, and as inbound links are a Google排名因素, it can impact negatively on search engines ranking and search visibility.






Where this appears in the main body text of a page, it is likely to be considered as standard duplicate content by the 算法, but of course the organisation may have no choice but to feature it. Instead, it is best practice for webmasters to use a shortened version on each page and link through to the full required legal text. This avoids unnecessary duplicate content and the confusion it may cause for search engines.

优先考虑 URL 参数和变体

页面 URL 的微小变化可能会导致意外的重复内容实例,并且可能被证明是非常无害的,但应尽可能予以处理和删除。最常见的是,这些小的变化是分析代码、点击跟踪、打印友好页面版本和会话 ID 的结果。尽管 URL 由于其子域状态而只有微小的差异,但这可能会导致搜索引擎索引同一网站页面的两个版本。

The Google Search Console can be used in these incidences to set the preferred domain for crawling and to tweak parameters around these so that the search engines 算法 knows which to ignore. Google search console often provides many immediate answers that will affect search results. Ensuring early Google search console connectivity with your website will provide insight on matters such as duplicate page issues, multiple pages of external duplicate content and even internal duplicate content across multiple urls that could affect search results.

注意任何 CMS 生成的内容页面

内容管理系统并不少见在企业没有意识到的情况下无意中在网站上创建了重复的内容。这可能是软件后端的错误或标准化设置发生变化的结果。企业必须了解其 CMS 的内部工作原理,并知道如何在重复内容时删除相同的内容。


Duplicate content is bad for SEO, and is an important aspect of your SEO that needs to be managed efficiently. Woya Digital管理SEO for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and can 帮助建议 on how best to manage and fix duplicate content issues. 取得联系 to learn more and let us optimise your site to gain the best possible online search results!